Fine Art Wall Calendar 2020


About this Calendar

A photograph taken by an artist is, on one hand, a work of art. On the other hand, it’s quite a special thing, something handmade that reflects the vision of that artist. Like anything made by hand, a photograph reflects the human spirit that goes into it.

When you buy a photograph from a particular photographer, you are essentially allowing that artist’s vision of the world into your home. You get the opportunity to look at the world through his eyes and his heart.

I see the world as a place of wonder. We are often too focused on the minutiae of everyday life to see them, but the world is full of amazing sights, both natural and man-made. I try to bring some of this beauty to you through my photography. I see my photographs as small reminders that the world, in spite of its problems, is a place of immeasurable wonders.

Enjoy some of Anshar Photography award winning work as part of a beautiful wall calendar! This gorgeous calendar features 13 most popular and inspiring images from locations around the world. Make a great gift to yourself and for your friends and family, especially those who love to travel and appreciate the world’s beauty!


  • - Wall photo art calendar 2020
  • - 13 unique photos captured in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Arctic
  • - Printed on glossy coated paper
  • - Size - 42cm x 30cm (17"x11")
  • - Binding - silver wire and hanger

Prices and shipment

  • - $30 full price
  • - $19 worldwide shimpent ($7.25 shimpent inside Russia)
  • - All orders are processed via Etsy online shop


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