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City Skyline Pictures and Landscapes

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Anshar Photography focuses on city skyline pictures and landscape images. I love to shoot city skyline during twilight to capture unique mood of the city illuminated by amazing mix of natural and artificial light. I often use panoramic technique to get wider perspective and allow viewer to experience more of the city. The unique quality of panoramas is their ability to truly show specific location and magically wrap the different reality around you. Many of my pictures were taken during traveling to the most interesting cities of the world. I am always excited about the history of our civilization and love to capture historical landmarks in the context of modern urban skyline. I have a passion for dramatic weather conditions such as rain, storm, fog and their ability to miraculously change the mood of the cityscape.

My photographic journey has just started and you are welcome to join!

City Skyline Pictures

My urban photography includes city skyline pictures, historic landmarks and architecture, panoramas within city streets, views from bridges, buildings and other elevated points. I often travel to the famous European cities such as Paris, Rome, London, Venice, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon and shoot most interesting places and landmarks at the best available light.


My landscape photography includes a variety of seascapes and coastline pictures, beaches, lakes and rives, waterfalls, mountains and ski resorts, captured in Europe and worldwide. Sometimes I like to escape bustle of the city and travel to a distant quiet place to enjoy wild nature and meditate with my best friends - tripod and camera.

Prints and Downloads

My pictures are easy to license and purchase online. Products include digital stock downloads, postcards, photo prints, float mounted metal prints, giclée canvas prints and ready-to-hang thin wraps. Photo prints and downloads can be ordered directly from this site by clicking on any image and navigating to the “BUY” button above the photo.

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